SmartBox on Demand™

Enhanced security and premium amenities

Why Choose SmartBox on Demand™

SmartBox on Demand™ is a revolutionary, premium self storage solution that combines the flexibility of on-demand access with the security and convenience of smart technology. This innovative offering represents a significant leap forward in self storage, providing customers with:

Your Space, Our Place, Your Time

SmartBox on Demand™ offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing customers to access their storage units on their schedule, making self storage hassle-free and adaptable to modern, busy lifestyles.

Seamless, Contactless Experience

From rental to move-in, the entire process is digital, leveraging the latest in secure access technology to provide a completely contactless experience that prioritizes customer safety and convenience.

Advanced Security Features

Equipped with state-of-the-art security technology, including remote locking and monitoring capabilities, SmartBox on Demand™ gives customers peace of mind, knowing their belongings are safe and secure.

24/7/365 Virtual Customer Service

Backed by Boxed Up's virtual customer service agents, SmartBox on Demand™users have round-the-clock access to support for account updates, billing issues, and more, ensuring a seamless storage experience.

What is a SmartBox Unit?

When you rent using our SmartBox on Demand™ option, you’re provided with an even more premium self storage unit rental experience. 

Enhanced security, additional amenities and access hours, and more become available to give you the best storage experience available! 

Opt into our SmartBox on Demand™ units when choosing your self storage unit to benefit from truly premium self storage unit rentals!

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SmartBox on Demand™ Features

SmartBoxon Demand™—introducing the smart on-demand self storage unit. Available anytime, any day, at any location.

  • Online rentals 24/7
  • Access Hours extended to 24/7
  • Move in 24/7
  • Free NFC-enabled smart disc lock with app
  • $3,000 tenant insurance policy included in the monthly package price
  • $0 deductible on any Insurance claim (with Smart Lock)
  • 24/7 Virtual customer service

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